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(ED) Erectile dysfunction is one of the most prevalent diseases among males suffering from sexual problems. Usually conceptualised as impotence, (ED) erectile dysfunction is categorised when a person becomes unable to sustain his erection during the intercourse. Pragmatically erection of penis occurs when hydro-mechanical responded blood rushes into spongy tissues which are normally cylindrically shaped. When libido gets transmitted to penis’s veins from brain, erection process gets initiated. Impotence may also get developed due to malfunction of neutral system, psychological problems or lack of adequate penile blood supply. Here Dr. P.K. Gupta Giving you best treatment for erectile dysfunction in delhi, his ED clinic in Delhi is the best ED treatments center in Delhi. So meet Dr. P.K Gupta ED Specialist and get Best treatment for ED in Delhi.

  • ED cure Therapy helped me normalize my worries and moved my view of sexuality to a wider view encompassing the broad range of creativity I already use. Thanks Dr. P K Gupta for being so open to shifting away from the typical medical model of sexuality and giving me a new, full experience.

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    Namrata, 38, Female
  • I never thought cure for ED therapy could be fun! Dr.Gupta gave me the tools and confidence to get back into the dating scene and learn how to get over my fear of rejection. We worked on feeling confident about my sexuality and overall feeling good about my body.

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    Ajeet, 35, Male


Causes or Erectile dysfunction are briefly appended below. Have a glance to some prominent ones

Physiological causes of ED:-

  • Relationship Issues - Issues related to relationship are a prominent causes of ED. Get male dysfunction treatment in delhi
  • Performance Anxiety - When a person gets too anxious or tensed regarding his/her performance, is termed as performance anxiety.
  • Mental disorder - Mental problems are a major resultant cause of ED. Meet ED specialist and best treatment for ED, available ED treatment in India
  • Stress - Mental stress often lead to decrease in productivity of an individual.
  • Fatigue - Fatigue issues are a serious concern to such problems.

Physiological causes of ED:-

  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Obesity - Accumulation of excessive fat leads to obesity in human body.
  • Neurogenic disorders - Neurogenic disorders can often generate such problems.
  • Kidney failure - Failure of kidney is a prominent cause of erectile dysfunction.
  • Drugs - Addiction to drugs usually generate adverse affects on human health and leads to ED.
  • Aging (old age) - As the person starts growing old, chances of getting affected from erectile dysfunction start increasing.
  • Smoking lifestyle - Frequent smoking habit is acts as a vital catalyst for erectile dysfunction.
  • Atherosclerosis - A person suffering from Atherosclerosis has comparatively more chances to get affected from this disease compared to a normal person.


All summoned medications are used to boost-up the effects of nitric oxide that increases blood flow and allows you to get erection and aroused by secreting a natural chemical that relaxes muscles in the penis.

Sexual Treatment

Alprostadil self-injection

In this methodology of treatment, a fine needle containing alprostadil is been injected to both sides of penis.

Injected medication

Alprostadil self-injection. In this method, we use a fine needle to inject alprostadil into the base side of your penis

Testosterone replacement

The medical therapy of replacement of testosterone is considered as the primary step towards the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Oral medications

Several mode of oral medications are also used in treatment of erectile dysfunction which are popularly used by various patients..

Sexual Problems

Blood vessel Surgery

A surgery of veins near penis is done as vascular stinting or a bypass procedure , might be required for treatment. However, chances of revival are slight low in this mode of treatment.


If all failed then the most common procedure is prosthetic implants which involves the surgically placing devices into both sides of the penis, consist of either inflatable or semi rigid rods. Former one allows us to control when and how long an erection and the semi ones helps us to keep our penis firm but bendable.

Penis pumps

Penis pumps are being put into the organs of patient when the doctor is unable to find any other way applicable for the patient.

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